It will never happen to you, right?

Put Yourself In This Scenario

It’s been a great day with the family. You’ve all been to zoo, been shopping and even had a fun evening with the kids at D&B’s. You get home around 8:00 and get the kids all settled into bed. After their bedtime story, you finally have some time left for some one-on-one time with your wife. You both fall asleep around 11 and are in a deep sleep when around 2am, you hear some unusual noises in the house…that proverbial, “Bump in the Night.” Probably one of the kids is up and roaming around looking for something sweet to eat…right? Out of precaution, you get up just to make sure the kids are good when you see a beam from a flashlight shining around in the living room.

Damn…just then, you realize that someone has broken into your house! Your mind starts going into panic mode on what you should do first? Call 911? Get to the kids’ room to protect them?? Get my gun in my night stand? But where did I put the magazine for the gun…I didn’t want the kids to ever find a loaded gun in the house? Your perfect day is gone and has now descended into a nightmare. You’ve always thought that this will never happen to you or your family. You live in a great upscale gated neighborhood…being prepared for something like this always seemed unimportant.

This only happens to other people who live in less affluent areas…right? Unfortunately, this is happening with greater frequency than you may think. You read about it in the papers, you see it in the news happening in all over the country…more affluent areas are now getting hit more than ever before. One thing is an absolute, you do never get to pick the place and time you may be attacked. Please don’t think this can never happen to you or your family. We call this, “The Disaster of Denying Disaster”



Don’t Be A Victim. Be One Step Ahead. An extremely important part of what we do at American Defense are Threat Assessments for our clients. Our team of former Law Enforcement & Military Officers have a tremendous amount of Real-World experience in performing Threat Assessments and implementing systems that are proven to minimize threats to your safety. After our inspection has been completed, our security specialist will provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings as well as our suggestions on making you and your home or business fully secured. What we don’t do is try to sell you fear… only unique, practical and realistic solutions. Our solutions are custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Please call us with questions or if you’re interested in scheduling an ADS Threat Assessment. Take the first step to gaining back your peace of mind.

Our Doors were built to withstand fire from all of these weapons (levels 1-8)

Department of Defenses “15 Minute Breach Test”

The Most Innovative Anti-Ballistic Door Ever Designed



Interior & Exterior: Residential High Security Doors

Threats are real. Protect what matters most.

Exterior & Interior Doors can be finished in any exotic hardwood you choose. Each door is custom made to your exact specifications.
A true Security Door doesn’t have to look like a door. Most security doors are nothing more than a door with beefed up locks and maybe an iron gate to prevent someone from squeezing through. At American Defense, our doors are both elegant and ballistic proof. They will stop almost all common weapons including and AR-15 – AK 47 & 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308) high powered rifle round (please see chart below). They have passed the Military’s “15 MINUTE BREACH” Protocol, where even Special Operators using sledgehammers and battering rams cannot break your door down. You and your family deserve real security doors that are both beautiful and secure.

Commercial Security Doors

A Company’s most valuable asset is its people. Are you doing everything you can to protect them?

Exterior & Interior Doors can be finished in any exotic hardwood you choose. Each door is custom made to your exact specifications.

Mass Shootings are becoming commonplace.

Doesn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to mitigate the devastation of an active shooter event? Everyone would feel more secure and less anxious if they had an effective answer for these terrible situations. An American Defense Structure Door is built with one purpose: to save lives. It’s everyone’s best defense, a shield designed to safeguard against active shooters. Protect your most valuable assets.

Never ask yourself if there was more you could have done.

Prevention Starts Where Bullets Stop. An Active Shooter Has One Goal.

American Defense Doors are Designed to Do 2 Things:

  • Completely shield a room from a high-powered assault weapon, turning an office, classroom, or conference room into a stronghold.
  • Provide crucial time until the appropriate response team can arrive.


Military Technology,Dressed For the Job

A military-grade door does not have to look like military equipment. In fact, it can be a seamless, beautiful part of any school or office. Pick any size, wood type, color or stain to fit the style of your space. Our goal is to protect without anyone noticing we’re doing so.

  • Fits a standard doorway with existing hardware. No structural upgrades or door frame modifications required.

  • Ultralight technology, it opens and closes easily.

  • Performs with zero maintenance. No ongoing costs.

  • Completely customizable in size and style to match any decor.

  • Integrates with other security technology (i.e. keypads or scanners)

Made from advanced materials and built to military standards, the American Defense Protective Door is the most innovate anti-ballistic door ever designed