American Defense Solutions specializes in the complete designing, in house manufacturing and complete installation of the most secure and impenetrable Safe Rooms available to the non-military or non-governmental facilities today.  Each Safe Room is custom designed and manufactured as to our specific client’s requirements.  Our Safe Rooms are designed to provide 360° protection from Ballistics, Blasts, Fire (120 Minute Safe Time), Hurricanes and Tornadoes.  We offer complete NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) protection as well as secure video surveillance of the exterior & interior of your Offices or Boardroom, secure communications to Emergency Services and Law Enforcement.   We also offer every tool necessary to keep you safe and comfortably sustain a pre-specified number of occupants for a pre-determined amount of time.

Can You Find the Hidden Safe Room?


The unseen beauty of our Safe Rooms is that they are truly “Unseen”. Our patent pending Ballistic Panels are entirely hidden between the exterior and interior of any wall. Your walls and door(s) look as totally normal if you had a high-end interior designer decorate your Office or Boardroom. These panels stop up to and including a .30 Caliber Armor Piercing bullet. This includes all AR-15’s – AR-10’s & AK 47’s. However, we don’t believe in taking any chances and neither should you. Too often others offer “lesser” ballistic protection and only focus on doors. While you can purchase one of our doors separately, we highly recommended our complete systems which include the walls, windows (if any), doors and the ceiling.




“ACTIVE SHOOTER” Safe Room Systems

When gunfire erupts in any building whether it be a corporate office, public or government building and or school, people panic and often run straight into the shooter(s) for the simple reason they have no idea where to run for safety.

Our “Active Shooter” Safe Rooms Systems are designed specifically be incorporated in Boardrooms, Offices, Breakrooms and/or designated Safe Room Areas.  These systems are easily installed and totally invisible.  The entire Ballistic Panel System is in between the interior and exterior of your walls looks like any other wall in your building.  It’s what you don’t see that gives you and your co-workers complete protection from aggressors regardless of how hard they try to get to you.

ACTIVE SHOOTER Series (Standard System):

  • Complete 360° Ballistic & Blast Panels® for all walls in designated Safe Room (Installation Included)

  • ADS Security Door(s)® (Interior & Exterior Finish of your choice) Hidden Passageways Optional

  • Complete and secure ADS VisComm® Surveillance & Communications System installed inside your Safe Room. (This system provides you with video surveillance of both the interior and exterior of your location while also providing you with secure cellular and satellite communications to Emergency Services and others)
  • *Security Assessment at your office building(s). – (We’ll schedule a completely confidential appointment with you and or your security team and travel to the location you wish to protect).

  • Complete Turn Key installation.





As recent domestic events have proven time and time again, no one is immune from Home Invasion. Even in some communities in America, home invasions are statistically as common as house fires.

When we talk about “home defense” it’s really not the physical place you’re defending at all. It’s the lives within those walls and the very concept of “home” that you’re protecting. Your home, after all, is the one place on earth where you should feel safest and most secure.

The simple fact is that we can no longer ignore this new reality that society in our great nation is quickly losing its civility. I think we can all agree that the divisiveness is unprecedented. The excuse of “It Won’t Happen to Me” is both dangerous and irresponsible.

ADS created the Intruder Series Safe Room Systems primarily for homes. They can be incorporated into Master Bedrooms, Master Closets, Home Offices etc. Ask yourself one question…where do you spend most of your time at home? When it comes to actual hours spent and generally when most break-ins occur – the answer is at night in your bedroom. When an intruder is detected through your Security System, you want to be in a room that is virtually impenetrable to these assailants.

INTRUDER Series (Standard System):

  •  ADS Ballistic Panels within walls that an attacker has easy access too. 
  • ADS / R2P Level 8 Door(s) – Custom designed and made to match your current door opening(s) and finish.
  • Complete and secure ADS VisComm® Surveillance & Communications System installed inside your Safe Room. (This system provides you with video surveillance of both the interior and exterior of your location while also providing you with secure cellular and or satellite communications for Emergency Services and others).


“SURVIVOR” Series Safe Room Systems

Long Term Survival Situations

We would all like to think that we would never really use our Safe Room for anything other than keeping Valuables and Weapons. However, the standard clichés of “It Won’t Happen To Me – The Disaster of Denying Disaster” or simply denial needs to be understood

With this said, we offer the “Survivor Series” Safe Rooms and Underground Bunkers that are designed and engineered to give you complete protection from the all sides and overhead. Any attack from either door(s), walls and ceiling will be thwarted by our ballistic steel and linking system (ArmorLink). Whether it’s an aggressive attacker, extreme weather such as Hurricanes & Tornados or Fire, you will be safe inside our Survivor Series Safe Room Systems.

There are endless optional items we could list depending on specific requirements by our clients.  The important message here is that depending on your needs, we can design, engineer, build, install and professionally instruct you on how to survive most cataclysmic of events.   Here are a list of some optional primary equipment, amenities and stores your “Survivor Series” Safe Room that we recommend.   

  • Backup Power Generator & Lighting

  • NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Air Filtration and Ventilation

  • Fresh Water Supply & Filtration

  • Kitchenette

  • Bathroom(s)

  • Sleeping Quarters

  • Common Living Area W/ Entertainment Center

  • Full Surveillance & Communications Systems

  • Non-Perishable “Nutritious” Food for 3 meals and snacks per day for all occupants.

The important thing here is to survive and be able to stay informed as to what is going on in the immediate area and world around you.  We can provide everything you need where you can monitor and evaluate in real time what is going on beyond the walls of your Safe Room. It is paramount for you to know when it is safe for you to exit and how you need to be prepared in your clothing, gas mask, body armor, weapons etc.  We can provide everything you need from A-Z to properly and safely survive inside and outside your Safe Room. 


ArmorCoat Ballistic Wall & Ceiling Panels®

Our patent pending panels connect together in such a way as to provide extremely easy assembly and have no “soft” areas where any bullet or blast could penetrate.  The Ballistic steel we use meets and exceeds multiple test ratings standards to stop multiple hits up to and including a 9mm – .44 Magnums – AR15’s – AK 47’s – AR 10’s (7.62 x 51) – High Powered Rifles – Shotguns w/ Magnum Slugs are no threat to our Ballistic steel…even after several hits.  We also design and manufacturer these Safe Rooms that are sealed to prevent smoke from entering the room and have a Fire Rating of 120 minutes.

If this is not a new home construction, our ADS Ballistic Panels can easily be installed in front of existing walls so there is no need for demolition.  We simply install the panels and frame them in applying new drywall so everything looks perfectly normal.  The only thing you lose is about 6 inches of space in from your existing walls.  We drop in the electrical from above the panels. 

Safe Room Doors

We understand that doors can play a big part of the aesthetics to any room or home. Our doors are custom made in house where we can use the finest wood veneers to match the look you are going for.  It’s what you don’t see that matters.  Each door contains the same level of ballistic protection as the wall panels.  American Defense has available multiple locking mechanisms depending on our clients preferences. These can range from secure mechanical locks to Facial Recognition and AI Technology.  The doors come pre hung in our Ballistic Steel Frames so installation is much easier.  Every frame is custom built to your door and size specifications.  Even our stand alone Security Doors that are not part of a Safe Room System have the same Ballistic protection as well as a choice of secure locking mechanisms. Every locking device is simple to operate and provide fast entry for the user into the room(s).

NBC Filtration (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical)

One of the many options we offer for your Safe Room or Bunker is NBC Air Filtration.  Our systems are designed to interface with your current air conditioning / air ventilation systems as well as have a manual backup system in the event of a loss of electricity.  Monitors are placed on the exterior and interior so the type and the severity of threat can be identified and monitored on a real time basis.

Concealed Safe Room Doors

Many may want to have access to your Safe Room completely concealed.  We offer custom Bookcases, Armoire’s etc. and with the click of a button the case will slide open allowing access to your Safe Room’s Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant high security door. Everything has remote battery backup in the event power may be out.  Once inside, the unlocking mechanism has a manual backup so you will never be stuck. 

An optional addition to your Safe Room is concealed floor subterranean access to a Room / Bunker. A large hatch in your floor will open with a remote and a concealed switch allowing you access to your Safe Room.  Again, this has complete Ballistic armor with a separate locking mechanism from inside.   

Surveillance & Communication Systems

We provide State of the Art Surveillance and Communications systems so you are never blind nor without a way to communicate from within the security of your Safe Room. Available are concealed High Definition cameras in both Clear Vison and Thermal that are strategically placed both inside and outside of your home. Other than the high definition monitor we provide, they can be displayed on an array of monitors including Computer Screens, iPads, Smart Phones and even Televisions. If desired, they can be linked to Law Enforcement as well. All systems run off of standard household electricity and have a battery backup in the event of a power loss.

Our Communications systems can include a hookup to a secure and strategically placed Cellular and Satellite Antennae so you are never cut off from the outside. Other components to the system can include secure Short Wave Radio and other radio options that are capable of reaching halfway across the world.

Long Term Survival Situations

We would all like to think that we would never really use our Safe Room for anything other than keeping Valuables and Weapons.  However, the standard clichés of “It Won’t Happen Too Me – The Disaster of Denying Disaster” or simply denial needs to be understood.  According to the famous 19th Century Neurologist Sigmund Freud, denial is classified as a defense mechanism categorized in three ways. 

  • Simple Denial: Completely denying that something unpleasant is happening.

  • Minimization: Admitting an unpleasant fact but denying its seriousness.

  • Projection: Admitting an unpleasant fact and the seriousness of it but choosing not to take responsibility for it or blaming someone else for it.


They are both designed to keep their occupants safe but demographics and geological locations may have a dictating factor.  Not everyone has enough land where they can dig a huge hole in the ground to place a bunker.  You have to admit, in the event of a home invasion or any disaster, natural or otherwise, where you didn’t have the time to leave the security your home and head for your bunker that is placed with the access outside has some major limitations except in the most extreme situations where you have ample warning.  

Some people like to refer to subterranean Safe Rooms as Bunkers.  We have a little different view on this. Pre-manufactured structures that come rolling in on a Semi Truck are not exactly inconspicuous.  In fact, there is a good chance everyone in the neighborhood and some who may be passing by will know exactly what you are doing.  Our Safe Rooms are modular in design and much stronger than the great majority of Bunkers but it will be much less conspicuous during the installation specifically in a new build. Additionally, our modular design also allows us to retrofit any space into a secure Safe Room making us one of the few in the market with this capability.  Please keep in mind that just because someone has a Safe Room does not necessarily constitute any guarantees you will make it inside if the need should arise.  Privacy, Secrecy and Stealth are your best asset…if someone is extremely determined to make you a target and they know you have a Safe Room / Bunker, they will make every effort to get to you prior to you getting inside.

An example of this for Safe Rooms is having more than one access point so you do not have to be in a specific room just to gain access to your Safe Room. An example with subterranean Safe Rooms is having more than one access point as well. In this case, multiple accesses through your floor with a concealed hatch that hydraulically, electrically and manually comes up providing you stairs down to the Safe Room. When the hatch closes you secure from the inside again making access impenetrable.

Concealed Safe Room Access vs. Visible

This is not a straightforward answer.  For example, a regular looking door going into your Master Bedroom may actually be an ADS Ballistic & Blast Door that has the outward appearance a standard door or custom door.  It’s what’s layered in the door and the interior locking mechanism that counts.

 However, with our custom designed and engineered concealed entrances that are often hidden behind a Bookcase, Armoire, or even a fireplace, then intruders wouldn’t even know where to look.  If you can dream it up, we can design, engineer, manufacture and install.