A good security system begins with our “Defense In Depth” approach. 
Complete Security systems go beyond cameras and alarms. These systems include Security film for your windows, properly secure doors & even a safe rooms.

What is Defense In Depth?

Defense in Depth is a complete security package that greatly reduces the chances of an attacker gaining entrance to your home and possibly psychically attacking you or a loved one.  Security cameras such as the Ring Door Bell® and or alarm systems only let you know that there is someone outside / inside your home.  They do nothing to prevent an attacker from gaining entry.

DETECT – Strategically placed cameras both outside & inside your home that can detect people coming onto your property.  Night Vision cameras are becoming more and more popular.  NV cameras give intruders no place to hide in the dark.  These cameras can give you real time views of your property no matter where you are.

DETER – Deterrence is a layered process that begins with preventing an attacker from gaining entrance into your home. Both Security Film on your windows in combination with our Titan® Security Screens, for those who like the fresh air and Security Doors (or simply better securing your current doors). We can go a few steps further on the Deterrence, we offer Level 8 Security Doors that can look as beautiful as any Customs Exotic Hardwood door.  However, these doors are virtually impenetrable from gunfire, sledgehammers, pry bars etc.  We have for both Exterior & Interior doors that will keep an attacker from psychically getting to you.

DEFEND – We NEVER get to choose Where and When we may be attacked.  There are so many scenarios for this that we’ll save for one of our Defense Classes.  These are not Martial Arts classes…they are classes to provide you with the skills to create Time & Distance away from your attacker.  This begins with PreFense (Situational Awareness) and moves to Improvised Weapons training.     


“The Complete Defense In Depth Security Team”


While home, business, school, and place of worship invasions can’t be predicted or eradicated, there are measures you, as an individual and as a community, can take to mitigate the risk as well as prepare to survive one. Let’s begin by making your beautiful home or business as untargeted as possible to predators. Cameras are a great way to deter them. Our professional team strategically installs these cameras both inside & outside your home or business to eliminate all possible blind spots secured by back-up power sources to reduce disabling of cameras.

ICU Security Group and American Defense are sister companies.  ICU is much more than your run of the mill security company in that the founder, served more than 19 years in State and Federal Law Enforcement as well as being a Military Veteran.  He and his team understand security from the perspective of being the ones who pursued and arrested the bad guys! Business and Homeowners are ultimately looking for peace of mind, knowing their loved ones and assets are in a secure environment. The professionals at ICU do just that…provide a level of “Peace of Mind” & Security that is unrivaled in the industry.


While you’re going about your daily routine, the ICU team is working 24/7 to detect an intruder coming onto your property and taking the necessary next steps to stop the intruder from progressing in his or her pursuit. Optional Virtual Guarding allows our team to verbally notify the intruder to immediately exit your property. With the advancement in Night Vision cameras intruders are left with no place to hide.
All our cameras can give you real time views of your property from your mobile device no matter where you are.

· Video Surveillance
· Custom Alarm & Access Control Systems
· Virtual Guarding
· Fire, Flooding & Carbon Monoxide Early Detection Systems
· GPS Tracking
· Security & Threat Assessments


Interior & Exterior: Residential High Security Doors

Threats are real. Protect what matters most.

Exterior & Interior Doors can be finished in any exotic hardwood you choose. Each door is custom made to your exact specifications.
A true Security Door doesn’t have to look like a door. Most security doors are nothing more than a door with beefed up locks and maybe an iron gate to prevent someone from squeezing through. At American Defense, our doors are both elegant and ballistic proof. They will stop almost all common weapons including and AR-15 – AK 47 & 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308) high powered rifle round (please see chart below). They have passed the Military’s “15 MINUTE BREACH” Protocol, where even Special Operators using sledgehammers and battering rams cannot break your door down. You and your family deserve real security doors that are both beautiful and secure.

Commercial Security Doors

A Company’s most valuable asset is its people. Are you doing everything you can to protect them?

Exterior & Interior Doors can be finished in any exotic hardwood you choose. Each door is custom made to your exact specifications.

Mass Shootings are becoming commonplace.

Doesn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to mitigate the devastation of an active shooter event? Everyone would feel more secure and less anxious if they had an effective answer for these terrible situations. An American Defense Structure Door is built with one purpose: to save lives. It’s everyone’s best defense, a shield designed to safeguard against active shooters. Protect your most valuable assets.

Never ask yourself if there was more you could have done.

Prevention Starts Where Bullets Stop. An Active Shooter Has One Goal.

American Defense Doors are Designed to Do 2 Things:

  • Completely shield a room from a high-powered assault weapon, turning an office, classroom, or conference room into a stronghold.
  • Provide crucial time until the appropriate response team can arrive.


Military Technology,Dressed For the Job

A military-grade door does not have to look like military equipment. In fact, it can be a seamless, beautiful part of any school or office. Pick any size, wood type, color or stain to fit the style of your space. Our goal is to protect without anyone noticing we’re doing so.

  • Fits a standard doorway with existing hardware. No structural upgrades or door frame modifications required.

  • Ultralight technology, it opens and closes easily.

  • Performs with zero maintenance. No ongoing costs.

  • Completely customizable in size and style to match any decor.

  • Integrates with other security technology (i.e. keypads or scanners)

Made from advanced materials and built to military standards, the American Defense Protective Door is the most innovate anti-ballistic door ever designed