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American Defense Solutions takes the increasing attacks on our Law Enforcement and the lack of respect for authority seriously. To help support the safety of our LE officers we have developed various Ballistic technologies that provide an elevated level of necessary security prudent in today’s environment.

“Got Your Six”®
Seat Armor & Personal Ballistic Shield:
  • NIJ Level IIIA Tested.
  • Bullet Resistant: 9 mm – .40 S&W -.357 Mag. – .45 ACP & .44 Mag.
  • Optional NIJ Level III – 5.56/7.62 protection
  • Lightweight/Easy Mobility within your vehicle.
  • Quick Detach – Can be removed in seconds and used as a shield/barrier in and around structures.
  • Easy mobility from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Provides time/distance & shielding from the suspect contact.
  • Full Hook and Loop with detachable Molle.
  • Available for all rear seats.
Door, Tailgate & Trunk Armor:
  • NIJ Level IIIA Tested
  • Bullet Resistant: 9 mm – .40 S&W -.357 Mag. – .45 ACP & .44 Mag.
  • Lightweight, Extremely Durable & Weatherproof.
  • Retrofits Easily in your Vehicle Doors.
ADS Security Film
Riot & Blast Resistant Windows:
  • Repels Bats, Crowbars, Bricks, Rocks, Bottles.
  • 100% Transparent; Does Not Fade.
  • Tint can be applied over the ADS Security Laminate.
  • Blast Force Entry Protection.
  • Extreme Weather Protection – Hurricane Force Winds.