ADS Defender™ Security Doors

Fortress level security without compromising the design aesthetic of your building. Our ADS DefenderSecurity Doors are impervious to sledgehammers, battering rams, pry bars, and a variety of rifle and handgun rounds. They’ve passed the Department of Defenses “15 Minute Breach Test.” If 4 highly trained Special Warfare Operators can’t get through your door in 15 minutes, no one can.


Our ADS DefenderSecurity Doors meet the level 8 UL 752 ballistic protection standard, providing a barrier to most common rifle and handgun ammunition ranging from 9mm to 7.62.


Fortress like protection doesn’t mean sacrificing beautiful design. Custom options let you choose from wood type, color, or stain to fit your space perfectly.


ADS DefenderSecurity Doors have passed the “15 Minute Breach Test,” in which a group of attackers attempt to gain entry through the door using a variety of destructive tools.


Combine these doors with our ADS DefenderSecurity Film glass protection, ADS DefenderBallistic Panels, and keypad/scanner entry controls for a complete security solution, that addresses all potential threats.