There are 2.5 Million
Burglaries Per Year
in the United States
75% of Homes Will Experience
at Least One Burglary During
20 Years of Ownership
Only 25% of Homeowners
Have a Residential 
Security System



ADS DefenderSecurity Film is available in three levels of protection to prevent breaking, smashing, blast damage, and bullet resistant. An armed assailant can quickly shatter traditional glass surfaces to gain entry into your home, but ADS DefenderSecurity Film can stop or dramatically slow a violent attack. A transparent laminate installed on glass doors and windows. 



It’s not just a door, it’s an impenetrable barrier, exactly where you need it, between precious life and danger. Certified by the Department of Defense and the Department of State for a “15-minute” breach, ADS DefenderSecurity Doors can’t be penetrated by bullets, sledgehammers, or pry bars. These doors keep active shooters and other threats out of the most vulnerable areas of your life.


ADS BallisticSecurity Panels that offer customizable solutions are easily integrated into homes. Work with our team to design functional safe zones for your family to use while sheltering in place. Built into your home or constructed and painted to appear as furniture, these boards can be part of each room’s plan to deal with an armed threat. Put a layer of protection closest to those you need to protect.


Protecting the exterior of your home is essential. For an added layer of protection, you may want to consider an ADS DefenderSafe Room. We can take an existing room in your home and harden it against intruders and environmental disasters. A designated safe room gives your family a plan during an attack, which reduces panic and helps them make good decisions.

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American Defense Solutions is a disabled-veteran owned security solutions company created to provide a full spectrum of protection products. We proudly serve schools, religious groups, law enforcement, businesses, and private citizens in need of the best protection products available.

We’re committed to continuous innovation, learning, and growth in order to save lives and remain at the forefront of our industry. We are passionate about connecting with, educating, and protecting the lives of all of those in our community, and giving them the tools they need to stay a step ahead of the unpredictable threats that exist in our world today.