We’re Revolutionizing Your Safety

by retrofitting the buildings and vehicles you depend on with undetectable layers of protection

Best in Class Products

We use the best ballistic technology available to construct our unique product lines, which is focused on undetectable enhancements to your existing buildings and vehicles, providing levels of protection superior to what other companies offer.

Custom Solutions

We understand that you need our products to perform in your unique setting and circumstances. Our product line is agile and we’re experts at creating the perfect solution for your situation. 

Professional Installation

A security solution is only as good as its installation. We provide top tier professional installations to ensure our products perform exactly how you need them to while appearing exactly how you expect. 

Exceptional Service

Our company was built on a foundation of ethics carried over from our public service in the military and law enforcement. No matter what industry or sector you’re coming from, we understand you’ve got goals and challenges that you’ll need us to help you overcome in order to meet your protection needs. We’re a friendly voice on the other end of the phone or email that’s ready to help. 


ADS Defender™ Security Film

 ADS DefenderSecurity Film is available in three levels of protection to prevent breaking, smashing, blast damage, and resists bullet penetration. ADS DefenderSecurity Film provides you time and distance from a threat while stopping or dramatically slowing a violent attack. A transparent laminate installed on glass doors and windows. 


Your vehicle door wasn’t cover, until now. With Wingman, any vehicle in your fleet can be retrofitted with IIIA vehicle door armor that stops all handgun fire and 12 gauge shotgun fire. Your vehicle isn’t just your ride in and out of the scene, it’s a tool to protect you, your team, and the public. Upgrade your tactics with Wingman.

Got You Six™

Seatback armor for dynamic tactics when you find yourself between the innocent and those who would do them harm. Quickly detaches for use in protecting other parts of the vehicle deploying as a personal shield. Level IIIA protection for handgun rounds  is standard while an upgrade to Level III rifle protection is available as well.



Not a Security Company, a Solutions Company

American Defense Solutions is a disabled-veteran owned security solutions company created to provide a full spectrum of protection products. We proudly serve schools, religious groups, law enforcement, businesses, and private citizens in need of the best protection products available.

We’re committed to continuous innovation, learning, and growth in order to save lives and remain at the forefront of our industry. We are passionate about connecting with, educating, and protecting the lives of all of those in our community, and giving them the tools they need to stay a step ahead of the unpredictable threats that exist in our world today.