It was Late May when 4 masked robbers in New Jersey went into the mall and targeted the Dior store. Dior is widely known for their high end couture clothing and accessories. The cost of a Dior bag can range from anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000 dollars. Those thieves walked away with 25 bags in total meaning around $120,000 dollars worth of bags. They were informed to be fast and aggressive according to video footage by a bystander. They each ran into the store and instantly started yelling at everyone and grabbed as much as they could and ran out into a get-away-car. Now as unfortunate as this is it comes as no shock that this store was robbed. We have seen time and time again that multiple high end stores get targeted due to the value and money they possess. We saw back in April 2022 the Louis Vuitton store in Kenwood Towne Centre was robbed and they stole over $400,000 dollars worth of items. There were too many men to take on as it was a mob of individuals. This makes it too difficult for security to step in and stop the thieves from stealing.

(See Video Below)

This is an ongoing issue that will not be stopping anytime soon. If you get enough men to take over a store they will have the power in the end. But how can we prevent these robberies from happen? Its a simple solution… with our Security Film

How ADS Can Help:

Our Security Film is designed to keep any aggressors out. Now we know that typically stores keep their doors open, however given the rising concerns in robberies this is something to consider moving forward to prevent. Now a days we see that they keep the doors closed and have lines and only a few can go in at a time. With this if they keep those doors closed and locked up while individuals are shopping inside no robbers will be able to get into those stores and cannot even break into them. Our Security Film will not shatter and can withhold multiple hits from bats and rocks. And we even have our Bullet Resistant Film that can stop a .45 cal and more. This is something to consider when working in these stores to keep those aggressors out of your stores. The problem is not stopping anytime soon but its now the time to prevent it from happening to you.