In the last three months, there has been a notable increase in burglaries impacting residents throughout the Valley. Law enforcement is troubled by the over 200 reported burglaries across multiple cities, such as Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley. This has prompted authorities to heighten awareness and engage in discussions about preventive actions. ABC15 news states, “The burglaries all exhibit similar methodologies that include groups of thieves who break into homes in the evening hours and smash through bedroom windows to steal untraceable valuables like jewelry or cash.”

How American Defense Can Help:

The foundation of our approach lies in eliminating soft targets and fortifying homes to ensure residents are shielded from potential threats. By hardening your home, you can significantly reduce the risk of danger and deter aggressors from breaching your sanctuary.

Introducing our ADS Defender™ Security Film, a revolutionary product offering three levels of protection: Level I – “Smash & Grab,” Level II – “Extreme Protection,” and Level III “Bullet Resistance”. As highlighted in a recent article, conventional glass surfaces can be swiftly shattered by armed assailants seeking unauthorized access. However, with ADS Defender™ Security Film, such attacks can be prevented or impeded, providing invaluable defense against violent intrusions.

At American Defense, we are dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary tools to protect their homes, places of worship, business, and schools. Join us in strengthening our communities and restoring a sense of security in an uncertain world. Click here to go directly to our ADS Defender™ Security Film page.

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Date Published 2/28/2024

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