ADS Defender™ Security Film

Forced entries, active shooters, bomb blasts, burglaries, ADS DefenderSecurity Film stands up to them all. ADS DefenderSecurity Film is a multi-purpose glass coating that combines safety and security features with solar control technology. It’s a visually undetectable enhancement to your existing glass doors and windows that preserves your building’s aesthetics, while transforming them into significant protective barriers. ADS DefenderSecurity Film comes in three levels.

*Tested on Glass 3/8” Thick or Thicker – Anything less than 3/8” could affect the ballistic capabilities and bullet penetration.*


Level I, Level II, and Level III ADS DefenderSecurity Films have passed independent testing by NVLAP and A2LA accredited NTS laboratories to meet the rigorous UL 752 Ballistic Resistant standards. All three levels feature energy saving properties, cuts down UV by 98%, severe weather protection, and chemical resistant.


ADS DefenderSecurity Film is transparent and doesn’t alter the appearance of your building. A more attractive solution than metal bars, potential intruders will be left to assume your entire building is protected.


You’ve got unique needs, we’ve got custom solutions. We fit your building according to anticipated threats and your security preferences. We offer three distinct levels of protection to mitigate a wide range of issues.


ADS DefenderSecurity Film works against a wide variety of threats: Level 1 – forced intruder entry resistant, smash & break control. Level 2- Home / business aggressive forced entry, blast force entry (pipe bombs and similar explosives). Level 3- Resists 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP gun fire, extreme intruder & blast force protection.