ADS Defender™ Ballistic Panels

Ballistic protection belongs everywhere. When we’re developing custom solutions for our customers, we use ADS DefenderBallistic Panels throughout our installations. They offer high levels of ballistic protection without changing the appearance of your building. ADS DefenderBallistic Panels can be used to harden any room, and can also be used to build free standing security structures. The possibilities are endless, but that’s why we’re here. You bring us your issues and will give you the best security solution available.


ADS DefenderBallistic Panels offer ballistic protection against the most common rifle and handgun ammunition ranging from 9mm to 7.62.


You don’t have to sacrifice the style of your current building in order to make it safer. ADS DefenderBallistic Panels are undetectable.


Your security needs are unique, so are our solutions. ADS DefenderBallistic Panels can be integrated into any existing or new construction.


When ADS DefenderBallistic Panels are combined with ADS DefenderSecurity Film glass protection, and ADS DefenderSecurity Doors, you’ll be prepared for all potential threats.

Hands of construction engineers discussing detail of construction plan at meeting