The Story:

A woman at Sky Harbor airport was nearly abducted by a convicted sex offender on March 17th. This man came up behind her at her vehicle by surprise. Video footage shows them both entering the elevator at the same time while going to the parking garage. Thankfully the convicted sex offender ran off after a fight with one another and the woman made it out safely and unharmed. Unfortunately, these things do happen and its crucial for individuals to learn about self defense and self awareness while out in public.


American Defense Solution’s Goal:

American Defense Solutions goal is to educate individuals on techniques to prevent situations like this by taking the right measures and knowing your surroundings; what we call Situational Awareness. Thankfully the woman was able to get away from this horrible encounter unharmed. 95% of attacks and intrusions can be avoided through proper Defense in Depth training. This begins by using your most powerful weapon, your mind.


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