The Story:

On Monday morning March 27th , another tragic event took place at The Covenant School in Nashville Tennessee. 28 year old Audrey Hale blew through the doors of the school and killed 6 individuals total, 3 children and 3 adults. School shootings are becoming a commonplace, and we have the product that will help prevent an attacker from entering. 


American Defense Solutions: “ADS Security Film”

This School Shooter blew through the doors of that school and was able to walk right through it.
With our level 3 Security Film Bullet Resistant window film this could help prevent more mass shootings. From active shooter deterrence, bomb blast, to bullet resistant, our ADS security films and custom glass will stop anything your threat level dictates. Our Level III film can sustain multiple hits from a 9mm, .40 cal. S&W & even a .45 caliber handgun. Doesn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to mitigate the devastation of an active shooter event?


American Defense Solutions: “Security Doors”

Another way to prevent a shooter from entering is by having our Security Doors. They will stop almost all common weapons including an AR-15 – AK47 – AR-10 as well as all handgun calibers and are impervious to Sledgehammers, Battering Rams & Pry Bars. There would be no way for any individual to break into a school, also having these doors would help stall time for Law Enforcement to get there. Our doors are designed to do two important things:

  • Completely shield a room from a high-powered assault weapon, turning an office, classroom, or conference room into a stronghold.
  • Provide crucial time until the appropriate response team can arrive.

In the end everyone would feel more secure and less anxious and most of all…SAFE behind our Security Doors and ADS Security Film. This is how we prevent mass shootings from continuing. 

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