Home invasions are a common story that we continue to hear. It can happen to anyone, whether you are a celebrity or not, living in a nice, gated community. Or living in the suburban areas, in the city…etc. It is everywhere and it continues to happen no matter where or when. But some of the stories I am going to share happen to be with some big named individuals that we all know and have seen in movies or heard through music.

I want to start with Willow Smith now (22).  A well-known singer/songwriter also Jada and Will Smiths daughter. In December 2020, a “cyberstalker” had been watching her every move and what she was doing and when she went on a family vacation in December he had broken into her home. The man was also a registered sex offender. After this event had happened the Smith family had to take all the precautions and needed to throw out all her food and drinks, get rid of toothpaste, even checked the air vents because they were worried, he might have done something or put something bad in her food.

Famous Actor Robert De Niro was a victim of a home invasion and the intruder was a female named Shanice Aviles who was attempting to steal Christmas presents that he had under his tree in his New York Town home. Robert De Niro was home at the time of the invasion upstairs while she was on the first floor. Aviles had 17 burglary arrests from 2021-2022.

Famous Actress Sandra Bullock another victim of a home invasion, while she was at home she heard the man break into her Bel Air residence and she hid in her closet. Bullock had said she was “never the same” after her home was broken into back in 2014. The startling moments were also recorded on her 911 call which is now public for anyone to listen to.

Last Actor I would like to mention is Benedict Cumberbatch, most recently end of May 2023. A man named Jack Bissell who was a Chef kicked in the front gates of their London home and entered in the property late at night. Cumberbatch, his wife and 3 children were all home when this invasion occurred. Bissell kept yelling all around the house mentioning “I know you’ve moved here; I hope it burns down”. These terrifying events have now left an entire family worried and feeling unsafe in their own home.

These home invasions are becoming a huge problem and unfortunately not stopping anytime soon. At this rate it’s not a matter of it but a matter of when, and who. It’s time to be prepared and this is how:

American Defense Solutions:

It all starts by hardening your home, making your home a secure place to live. Your house should be the main thing that you invest in when it comes to safety and your family’s protection. At American Defense Solutions we are enthusiastic about your safety and can supply the highest quality products. With our Security Film Windows that have distinct levels of your choosing and Security Doors that will keep aggressors out of your home. With our Windows and Doors, it will be nearly impossible for someone to break into a property and will take up a lot of time attempting. In which at that time Law Enforcement will have already arrived. ADS also has Safe Rooms for individuals/families to hide in that blend in perfectly with a room of your choice. It is our goal to ensure that yourself and family are hidden and away from the aggressor trying to break into your home and not having to come face to face with them. Don’t be a victim, be prepared.

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