Inside edition went to Portland Oregon and interviewed individuals on the epidemic of car jacking that have been happening throughout the nation. Unfortunately, it is only getting worse and there is no control over what is happening. Inside Edition stated, “about 27 cars are stolen everyday”. That is nearly 10,000 cars every year.

They set up a truck with some speakers and a purse inside to test the theory and as a result it ended just as they expected. You can see the video below that the man in broad daylight went up and broke into the passenger side window after smashing it and grabbed the purse then fled the scene. The news anchor put a tracking device inside the purse itself and followed to where the aggressor was. However, they were unsuccessful in finding them except for his accomplice who refused to answer any questions.

The scary part of this video is the lack of control and that aggressors are becoming more comfortable with car jacking and have no remorse. Surrounding individuals are not even contacting or informing police.


With our ADS Security Film installed in vehicles aggressors would not stand a chance of getting into trucks/cars. They can hit it as many times as they want but they are not getting in. Eventually, they would grow tired from attempting to gain entry and move onto the next vehicle. Our goal is to minimize the amount of car jacking that have been happening throughout the nation. In hopes that we can start hardening your vehicle and ensure your safety and protect your items.

You can read more about our ADS Security Film Here!

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